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"We could have made only one belief, but for each peoples we have appointed different laws and rites, so instead; compete in good works and argue kindly;  for there is no compulsion in religion."  Qur'an 2:256, 5:48, 22:37, 29:46
Islam In Alaska
Why This Website No Longer
Promotes 21st century islam

On June 10, 2003, after over four years online, the website will no longer promote these 21st century versions of islam. For those who are not muslims, please locate a Qur'an with a good scholarly (NOT opinionated) commentary.  If you read a liberal leaning Qur'an translation like Maulana Muhammad Ali, get also a Mushin Khan / Extremeist Salafi Qur'an for needed comparisons; or vice versa.  It is advisable to also read a good biography of Muhammad (Haykal or Emerick) and study the SECULAR written very early history of nascent islam.  Study Baghdad and Cordoba in their first periods of islamic "rule."  But DO NOT read anything else, especially all those so-called Hadeeths or Hadiths so selectively copy and pasted for too many various of ulterior motives.  Follow this path, and you will easily understand the increasing frustration of a fortunately increasing number of other muslims who are also saying -- stop -- for now.

I have been meeting literally hundreds of younger people, and others also, who are struggling hard for a more kind and more just world.  These numbers have skyrocketed since 9-11.  They eschew normal lifestyles for a more simple one.  They spend extra money all the time, that the average person does not.  They purchase the higher priced organic foods,  they will often pay the higher price to buy a similar item NOT made by sweatshop exploitive labor.  If you put something for sale in the newspaper, they will want to pay you a fair price and seldom try to bargain you down.  And on and on. So many of these people are either turned off to all religion or are at least semi promoting either agnosticism or atheism.  They refuse to believe in such a G-d as we three so-called brothers of Abraham promote these days.  And, they refuse, in spite of all our various doctrinal "or-else" threats to compel them to believe.  And yet, it is these people who are consistently over and over doing one job and another that Allaah has instead asked, that it be we muslims who do these things.  In the Holy Land, for instance, proportionate to the numbers of their respective groups, we muslims are at the bottom of the list for risking (in an admirable manner) to rescue the Holy Land from this infantile and barbaric sibling rivalry now daily occuring between the sons of Isaac and the sons of Ishamael..

My Grandma used to always remind me to clean my room before inviting over a potential  new friend.  The house of islam today is in one disastor of a major mess.  Before we invite anymore strangers to come in for a look at how we ARE ACTUALLY LIVING OUR DAILY LIVES, we better wake-up and look around with more open and more honest eyes.  Many reverts who maintain multiple contacts with their previous non-muslim acquaintences can relate the kind of stories they are hearing.  Running a yellow page listed, Islamic Information Line And Lending Library,  really magnifies the degraded condition of 21st century islam; as one receives all the phone calls such a listing generates.  One reason, if for none other, for stopping the promotion of islam, is that the amount of time needed to deal with these steadily increasing problems, caused by those muslims who have been entrapped into that Saudi promoted Salafi-Wahabi style of islam,  is now too much time.

This webmaster no longer wishes to be the door, the first contact, for those good young people, who become vicitms of this new plague of Saudi inspired Salafi-Wahabi islam.  Sweet hearts who are yearning for a compass to find a moral and more just world.  And then, only weeks later you find hearts filled with rage and paranoia, who hate all Jews and most Christians. Now, they can no longer use toilet paper but must now wipe themselves only with their bare left hand or by some interpretations roundish stones (imagine these types food prepping your favorite salad bar). Here is just one example of how these minds reaaly believe that their 7th century hygiene is better than modern "Christian" hygiene. 
See web example here.  And this is just the beginning.

.  All these tragedies and all these unfilled obligations which would be the same for ANY religious community, have become too many.  We must reform ourselves before we start worrying about reforming others.  And we better clean up the insides of this house of islam before we invite any more folks inside to see how we REALLY live versus this so-called golden-age of education,  justice and tolerance we so promote.

The following section was added on Monday June 16, and will revised and further clarified as time permits.

So, on June 10, 2003 the purpose of this info line was changed.  It will continue to post the prayer schedules for many locations within Alaska, on it's website.  And,  It will continue to exist to provide  information and assistance to academic individuals.

There are more than 8 schools of law long found in islam; not four.  It will especially provide or obtain expert advice or testimony in defense of any business, other institution or individual incurring accusations of prejudice or harrasment, threats of lawsuits or other problems resulting from Anchorages quickly growing presence of extremeist islam.  Unreasonable demands are not a part of mainstream islam. 

This info line is no longer loaning materials to the general public and is no longer promoting these modern 21st century versions of islam.  The local practice of islam,  many of us do not find, is anything close to representative of the islam in many other locations of the USA. While the numbers of muslims are now way up Mosque attendance is now down as most of Anchorages muslims seem to prefer to not attend either mosque.  There are zero Islamic leaders in Anchorage in spite of claims.  The bosses of both mosques are infact entirely self-appointed in spite of titles like president chosen to misleadingly imply some form of election and Mosque names chosen to imply the representation of ALL of Alaska's muslims.

Briefly there are three reasons for stopping all islamic promotion activity:  1.- growing presence of unopposed Extremist Salafi Islam in Anchorage, 2.- rabid and verbally open hate of Jews and Christians,  3.-- a complete lack of concern by either of Anchorages two Mosques to either attempt to meet or at least list the steadily increasing social service needs of Alaska muslims.  They have no idea or even interest of even what these specific needs and obligations are.

Coincidental with number two.  Starting in July 2002, the info lines website,, decided to follow the exemplary lead of increasingly numerous and prominent Jewish brothers of Abraham opposed to the crimes of THEIR co-religionists in the Holy Land.  Including several Jewish authored sites which list the names of Palestinain children victims and numerous other specifics like house demolitions.  Only days ago, the British Jewish Member of Parliment, Oona King, for example, called for a boycott of Israeli products.  Before that, Jonothan Sacks, the chief rabbi of England, incurred massive demands to resign over public criticism of Israel.  So our website began a special page honoring the actual names of all the Jewish children who have been murdered in the name of Allaah.(and updated as possible)  It will continue as such until it is the last page shut down should this info line's website be discontinued.  However the webmaster has received nothing but anger and complaints for doing this, see three examples posted on the website's comments page.  The webmaster has not received even one word of support except from one muslim sister. 

On reason three; due to the steady lack of interest by either of the two local mosques to assist in meeting the increasing social service needs and other needs of muslims in Alaska and Anchorage, which have represented frequent calls to this information line.  These are now done almost exclusively by beautifully well meaning Christians, Jews and seculars and other non-muslims. Embarrassingly, niether mosque has anything even close to any idea of what these needs are.  These are normal responcibilities and obligations of any significant-sized religious community, at minumum to at least discover what these needs specifically are.

Islam is for this speaker, a preferred methodology, to learn how to increasingly transform the love of the Creator and the creations into being the center around which one's daily life tries to revolve.  But for those doing better within the company of a religious community,  I now and locally reccomend to follow the advice of many an islamic scholar from the days of the Golden Age of Islam, especially Cordoba Spain.  Choose your friends and community not based upon the name by which they call the Creator or of their religion, but instead choose by the criteria used by the Creator,  as frequently reminded in the Qur'an. Choose instead by who is the most pious and who tries hardest at good deeds.  Or, as Isa or Jesus said, "by their fruits shall, what is their real desires, be revealed."
webmaster;   June 16, 2003

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