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"We could have made only one belief, but for each peoples we have appointed different laws and rites, so instead; compete in good works and argue kindly;  for there is no compulsion in religion."  Qur'an 2:256, 5:48, 22:37, 29:46
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Comments are in most recently received order

This is an email in reguards to the response you had posted to one muslim's simple question. Basically the question was, "Why does this website have a link to the murders of Jewish children in the name of Islam?" I found your answer to be out-of-line, hateful, and a terrific representation of what Islam is not.

Are you really a muslim? I'm serious. I read many, many, many of your posts and they are just appalling.

First of all, I came to this website because my husband and I are moving from the "lower 48" to Alaska, inshallah, sometime next year. With the thoughts of moving, I wanted to check out the Islamic communities of Alaska. My searching brought me to this website. The first thing I noticed was the link for the murders of the Jewish children. I swallowed the lump that formed in my throat and continued through the website. As I read more and more, I have become very discouraged and thought the muslim communities in Alaska to be rather distasteful, and scary. I'm going to stop here for just a moment and say that if there are any muslims from Alaska who would really like to clear up my conceptions of the society, please feel free to email me at (due to privacy concerns, your email, with address, will be forwarded to Sister Jennifer).

Okay, moving on. Now I'm going to get to the point of my email; to try to understand your response a little better to the question I had mentioned above.
You stated that it is really embarrassing to be one of the only muslim websites to feature such a link. If it is so embarrassing, tell me, why post it? First of all, you didn't give a clear answer. The answer was diluted with a bunch of hoopla over the good-doers of the Jewish communities and the poor behavior of Anchorage muslims, not to mention your slandering of fellow brothers and sisters who chose to go with the Salafi sect of Islam. I'm going to quote from your response, "....(referring to the jews)they are just such sad sad souls that are just entirely consumed by hate and anger in general at anyone and everyone who is even slightly different than themselves (not just the jews)..." Now take a closer look at what you wrote. Look at what I wrote in bold. You slander the Jews for their poor behavior because they hate people because they are different, but I notice that you are doing the same thing when you slander the Salafi muslims. I don't know what sect of Islam you belong to, and I don't care. You practice Islam the way you believe, and the Salafis practice Islam the way they believe. What defines a muslim? A muslim is someone who believes in only one God and that Muhammed (PBUH) was his last messenger. So, as long as the Salafis believe that, then my dear friend, they are still your brothers and sisters of Islam, and you should take kindness upon them as well. End of Story.

Second of all, I noticed how you pointed out all of the wonderful dealings of every other religion in Anchorage and you slammed the Islamic community for what they do--or what they don't do. Instead of whining about the laziness of the community, why not be an example setter and rally everyone around? That would be a much better alternative to your 'pro-Islamic' website. Again, you make it sound as if this is Islam as a whole. Don't confuse one community with the whole religion. You ask the question, "...What great appreciation have we Muslims shown for the great outpouring of love and support that we have received from so many hundreds of thousands of good hearted Americans,  Jewish, Christian and seculars?..." Have you ever heard of salat? Alhamdulillah for the love and support of Americans. We offer dua for their safekeeping and for their reversion to Islam. That's what the Islamic society can do. Allah controls everything, including the destiny of non-muslims. Through prayer, inshallah, he'll choose a different path for them. The Jews should be so lucky that we even consider adding them into our daily prayers. So as long as the Jews are killing Palestinians, they will never understand peace.

I also notice your over-usage of the word, "G-D." You use it like it's a bad word to say God. Well, God God God God. Allah Allah Allah Allah. Now where does it say in the Quran that you can't type the word 'God?' It's not blasphemy. It's not sacreligious. Your inability to fully spell out that word will forever remain a mystery to me...

You just slandered Islam completely in your response. If you dislike certain behaviors and certain practices of Islam, why did you revert to Islam?

You made a statement that you converted to Islam, like you are owed something or above everyone. And you also told people to leave the country for a more successful Islamic country. How dare you have the gall to say that?  I reverted to Islam and I am just as humble as the next born-muslim. Allah wiped my slate clean. That's good enough for me.

You also assumed the person who asked you the question of why you post that link was a Salafi muslim. Just because they didn't say, 'Salam?' Okay, okay, it is a requirement for muslims to greet eachother as such, and they shoud be re-educated about there mannerism, but you cannot just assume they are Salafi, much like the way I am assuming  you are a jew, but I can't exactly run around accusing people of something I haven't confirmed. Say...I just noticed don't exactly offer 'Salam' in your responses. Are you a Salafi? Give me a break.

I hope you will post my email as written, I understand my comments are long, but inshallah, you will post every last word. I appreciate you taking the time to read my rebuttal. Take care. Salam.  Sister Jennifer G

Webmaster answers:
(TheSister Jennifer's
Questions in red, pasted AS RECEIVED)

Thank-you for your comment. 
I've re-pasted your questions below for the ease of any readers.  They are in red text.  I've altered your email, by also using red text for those identical portions to make it faster to find your original quote "in context."  The over-all context of your comment, in spite of its heavy criticism, I found,  was one of courtesy, a concern over injustice, bad manners and a devotion to ALL Muslims. It began with Salaams, was signed with Salaams even including a personalized "take care."  Your definition of who is a Muslim, would include from the Shia to many of the "cults".  And you signed with your FULL name.  The Prophet is said to have warned that our religion would be saved only by diversity and active self-criticism and it would be destroyed by conformity and extremeism.  Unity is not uniformity, but instead that which can unite the greatest degree of diversity is the greater accomplishment.  So, I think you desrve as thorough of an answer as I can do.

There are three posted comments now to the memorial page, and many many more muslims who have shared your sentiments both verbally and in emails not intended as a comment for posting.  In fact, I have not received even one positive comment directly.  One thing though, the weblogs clearly indicate a likely hood there might be even one family member of one of these murdered children who may very well have seen that there is at least one Muslim in this whole world who is publicly concerned about the murder of their innocent child -- if that is true this is absolutely all I need to continue at peace with what I have done.

It is like the ultimate challenge to my endurance in this islam (intentionally not capitalized) that I have reverted to.  And while it does put that endurance on the edge, I can say that after over 40+ years in heavy and constant study of the major religions, including 10 years in Judaism and learning a very sloppy minimal Hebrew and Koine Greek (New Testament), I am more solid in islam today than ever and more filled with gratefulness than ever.

Let me begin by pulling two of your questions out of order and responding with THREE things before I attempt some briefer answers to the rest of your questions:
1.- You stated that it is really embarrassing to be one of the only muslim websites to feature such a link. If it is so embarrassing, tell me, why post it?
2.- You just slandered Islam completely in your response. If you dislike certain behaviors and certain practices of Islam, why did you revert to Islam?

One, there is a very famous line from a speech given by Muhammad Abduh on his return to Egypt, around the 1950's, from exile in Europe (roughly):  "When I was in Europe I was seeing so so much islam everywhere but I saw very few Muslims; now I am back in Egypt and I see many many Muslims but so little islam."

Two, before reading further, I would ask you to read the very brief excerpt   (
click here) from the book by the daughter of Little House on The Prairie's, Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Rose Wilder Lane's father had an Arabic derived first name that was handed down over the generations from when his crusading descendant had been spared by a victorious Muslim.  The story goes that this was all that was asked by the sword spareing  Muslim.  Possibly for this and other reasons Rose spent many years living all over the Islamic world at first as a nurse and later as a very famous writer.  She was a close personal friend of President Hoover for many many years.  That excerpt from the chapter of her book, "The Discovery of Freedom," called "The Second Attempt," is about her very positive take on islam.  However this webmaster re-titled the excerpt "What Went Wrong With Islam" because that is what that particular portion of her chapter on islam is really mostly about.

And three, so much of the Western (non-Muslim) Academic world considers that it owes this great debt to islam for saving written pasts that another religion had attempted to wipe out the evidence of.  So everywhere these early Muslims went instead of pushing Arabic (as if elevating it to the status of an icon and shirk), they instead not only first thoroughly learned the language of the culture they were visiting but they reveled and took written joy in whatever else they found superior or interesting;  becoming the modern world's first masters in linguistics, semantics and multi-cultural anthropology.  It was not only those polytheistic Greeks and the Romans (kufars as any Salafi would interrupt), whose written civilizations nascent islam almost literally saved for posterity,  but there were many other minor examples besides.  That great many-disciplined "Einstein equivalent" of his times, scientist al-Biruni, did an extensive study of Hindu and its languages and wrote a once well used treatise on Hinduism (more kufar's according to too many modern time "Muslims").  His pioneerings in the Muslim originated science of Geodesy (how many Muslims today even know what this word means) led him to strongly desire to devise a simple laymen's method for determining the direction of prayer -- for many of the different religions not just Muslims.  He did just that, dedicating it to all faiths.  One such device using sun shadows, consisted of only a simple marked card and a plumb line; sometimes then called a "camel" (not the animal).

Yet today, all over America, you see muslims with their cheap magnetic compasses; while standing inside buildings next to  power lines determining Qibla.  Only the fewest of Salaat Times sites even explain that the bearing they give for Qibla is a geographic bearing NOT a magnetic bearing which is because they fail to be TRUTHFUL and honest and acknowledge that their data is coming from the United States ("kufar") government not Muslim data sources.  There is only one Muslim owned satellite (used for islam) that I know of, owned by the Qadiani Ahmadiyya's. 

Finally, it was this style of islam that lead the Turks to belittle Spain on the occasion of their cultural cleansing and expulsions of the Jews from Spain.  On offering the Jews a refuge,  the essence of the Ottoman's response to Spain was "your loss our gain."  And don't forget that both the Turks and a large percentage of the Mongols converted to the religion of the people they had only just recently DEFEATED.  A victor converting to the religion of ones they have just finished defeating is almost non-existent in history and yet occurred multiple times in islamic history.  Only exceptional examples of behavior could accomplish this with such a language barrier.  Thus the sunnaah of the Prophet is example yes, but example is NOT "Simon-says" imitation;  but ONLY how OTHERS actually see us, how THEY judge us; regardless of how we see ourselves.

This is the style of islam that I reverted to.  This is, I believe, the ONLY style of Muslim behavior that could EVER produce a golden age. Just as this same style did for America as Laura Ingall's daughter Rose has pointed out.  All this is why the islam of today is such a great lie.  This style of "keep-your-mouth-shut", suppress other opinions, islam could never produce such a Golden Age of diversity and over-all tolerance as too many good-hearted people are too quickly finding out. As the Qur'an points out so beautifully in it's reply to the very first theological dispute in the time of the Prophet; G-d or Allaah or ar-Rahmaan or God or . . .,  could care less by what name he is called. Today, as far as I can see about the only thing that Muslims excel in is complaining and accusations of heresy.  Yet no where has this Muslim called any Salafi a Kafir, and with only the fewest of exceptions, like bin-Laden, considers it an obligation to either pray behind them or accept ANY apparently well meant invitation where reasonably possible (as long stated elsewhere on this very site).  The reverse is seldom the case, that I've experienced.

Are you really a muslim?
I, shakur-abdel-Haleem do say: Ash-hadoo anla il lah ha, il Allaah.   Ash-Hadoo anna Muhammadana RasulooLaah.

What defines a muslim?
Your answer was way better stated than I could ever do with my embarrassing handicap at being brief; you wrote:  "A muslim is someone who believes in only one God and that Muhammed (PBUH) was his last messenger. So, as long as the Salafis believe that, then my dear friend, they are still your brothers and sisters of Islam, and you should take kindness upon them as well. End of Story."
But the ONLY identifiable sect or school of modern islam that I know that ACTUALLY subscribes to your definition in practice, besides just empty words, are the Lahore Ahmaddiyya Movement in Islam who constantly attempt to remind Muslims of the Qur'an's stern warnings against kufar calling.  This webmaster worships or follows, no school, no sect, no scholar and zero humans; nothing except the Rabeel al-Ameem, the Creator of All worlds.  But, as I read the Qur'an, it also calls both Noah and Abraham Muslims.  Of course, both lived long before the Prophet.  Over and over the Qur'an tries to remind us that islam is NOTHING new, but instead just that same simple message which our Creator has been trying to give us since day one.  I believe the Qur'an emphasizes Abraham because he most symbolizes one who struggles hard to make G-d the CENTER around which his daily life and desires revolve, his FIRST priority.  Can anyone honestly state that one cannot find individual members of many different faiths who try to live like this.  How else could the Prophet's community have seen all those people from the many various cultures and religions and languages they encountered who were converted in such a short time.  Seldom do people convert to the religion of those who are putting them down in one way or another.

Second of all, I noticed how you pointed out all of the wonderful dealings of every other religion in Anchorage and you slammed the Islamic community for what they do--or what they don't do. Instead of whining about the laziness of the community, why not be an example setter and rally everyone around?
I'm sorry. I do not believe it is proper for me to publicly answer that question as I do not consider it proper islamic manners.  So I will let your accusation here stand, as accused, and without attempting to counter it.

Have you ever heard of Salat? Alhamdulillah for the love and support of Americans. We offer dua for their safekeeping and for their reversion to Islam. That's what the Islamic society can do.
You are so so right, but I don't think we are really doing this, that I've seen; it's obvious that you are Sister. 

I also notice your over-usage of the word, "G-D." You use it like it's a bad word to say God. Well, God God God God. Allah Allah Allah Allah. Now where does it say in the Quran that you can't type the word 'God?' It's not blasphemy. It's not sacreligious. Your inability to fully spell out that word will forever remain a mystery to me... 
I don't mind the spelling G-O-D at all, in fact, whenever I am addressing specifically Christians, I always hope to remember to use this spelling out of respect.  Sadly, this is just another example of the degraded and grossly ignorant condition of the modern Jew hating Muslim.  Muslims might do well to study one sign of G-d in nature.  The Qur'an seems to suggest that we should study Allaah's signs in nature as a preference over arguing about a bunch of theological B.S. which no-one can really prove.  That is the Ostrich.  "For those who reflect," this teaches us that if the modern Muslim does not soon get his or her head out of the sand then Allaah may have to give this Deen to someone else as it also warns in the Qur'an.

Ask any 12 Americans what the spelling G-O-D means, they will be happy to explain to you that this means, Jesus the Son of God who IS God to most people, and to many others the son of Mary the Mother of God.  Then ask them what the spelling G-d means, no this is not the Jew's private exclusive name for the Creator.  The modern Jew hating muslim is so blinded by Saudi-Salafi sourced hate tracts. For this is just of one of literally hundreds of cite-able examples where it is a Christian or a secular or an atheist or a Jew who is that person on earth today who is actually ACCOMPLISHING, those tasks which Allaah so lovingly has asked that it be us Muslims who accomplish.  So it is the Jews who have accomplished --- IN THE PLACE OF --- the Muslims, G-d's most beloved Mitzvah (one of a few Hebrew choices for a command), that the world's  people who are astray (no not kufar) be at least made aware that there exists a respectable and powerful community who emphasize the uniqueness and oneness of our mutual Creator.  One who both Muslims and Jews believe does not have either a son or a mother.  This is what I predict that the majority or at least a healthy minority of any 12 Americans will tell you on seeing this spelling G-d.  That this success so angers the average Muslim, is simply just one of the many solid evidences of today's degraded and depraved condition of the 21st Century Ummaah.  Just as our earliest Muslim brothers and sisters loved to give credit where credit is do, so do I.   I no more mind acknowledging this achievement by todays Judaism than I do the superior method of islamic spelling which I learned from the Salafi's, and, which I have long used.

You made a statement that you converted to Islam, like you are owed something or above everyone. And you also told people to leave the country for a more successful Islamic country. How dare you have the gall to say that? 
I am NOT owed, but instead, it is I that owe.  Thus my choice of islamic name: grateful (shakur-) servant (abdel-) [of the] Most Clement as in clemency (Haleem).  On telling another to leave the country, although I think this a legitimate feeling, "on reflection" I am afraid I will have to agree with you about "the gall" -- well said.  Thank-you for the wake-up call,  Sister.

You also assumed the person who asked you the question of why you post that link was a Salafi muslim. Just because they didn't say, 'Salam?' Okay, okay, it is a requirement for muslims to greet each other as such, and they should be re-educated about there mannerism, but you cannot just assume they are Salafi, much like the way I am assuming  you are a Jew, but I can't exactly run around accusing people of something I haven't confirmed. Say...I just noticed don't exactly offer 'Salam' in your responses. Are you a Salafi? Give me a break.
I am not a Salafi or go by any name or school, but instead I have learned something from almost every school and especially Salafi's, my spellings for instance.  There are over 8 major long-term schools of Fiqh or law in islam NOT 4.     But as for the rest of your comment, again on reflection, you got me again -- you are right and I was wrong.  Twice.  However, I should explain that I do not use Salaams on the rebuttals page but I DID and ALWAYS USE IT in all emails to ANY muslim by your excellent definition.

So, sister, we are two Muslims who have tried to remind each other.  You have showed beautifully three things:  first, never forget the very broad definition of who is or isn't a Muslim; two, don't hesitate to criticize even with passion; and three, it is HOW we do it which will heal or further destroy this religion.  Ask any bedouin desert dweller.  Anyone living in the middle of the desert who depends on their only water from only one large tank; they had better keep a highly critical eye out for the very first signs of rust or any other weakness that might suddenly create water leaks.   Thank-you sister.  webmaster 31 May 2003

if this is a pro-Islamic site, why post listings of "jewish children murdered in the name of Allah?" and why give a list of anti-Islamic links? this seems to me a bit counterproductive.   sincerely, concerned Muslim  Rec 9 May; 9:07pm

Webmaster Answers:
Thank-you for your comment.  First we will address why we have listed the names of Jewish children on an "islamic" website; then why we post anti-islamic links and finally is this a pro-islamic website.

Actually it is so embarrassing to be one of the very few islamic websites to list those names of children who are the victims of these depraved actions of our co-religionists. This is even more embarrassing when one considers that among only around 14 million Jews worldwide, there are easily over one hundred  Jewish websites extremely opposed to what THEY consider to be the crimes of THEIR co-religionists.  Their striving for justice dwarfs ours; how shameful.  In fact, proportionate to numbers of religious population, Jews who protest Israeli injustices at substantial risk to their lives, wealth or personal freedom far outnumber that required proportionate number of muslims, for a population exceeding 1.25 billion, equally risking in protest of Israel.  Where is even one muslim sitting in jail, now as we speak, for protesting against muslim injustices against even non-muslims let alone against Jews? 

But it gets even worse than that, as impossible as that would seem.  There is actually more specific knowledge among Jewish websites of the details and names and recordings of Palestinian victims than even among all established muslim websites that I've seen; let us know if we missed one.  That would be a joy to know about.

For instance, why did your protest against us not include even one link to this information of a such a name list of Palestinian victims of Jews?  Such is the ignorance of the Jew-hating "modern" muslim.  Those of us who have direct experience with these sick minds know that these are not really Jew-hating muslims at all; but instead they are just such sad sad souls that are just entirely consumed by hate and anger in general at anyone and everyone who is even slightly different than themselves (not just Jews);  much like the Kahane style Jewish extremists.  Just check that column on the right side of that main Salafi website:  It is so important to list and explain just exactly how almost all the other of us over 1.25 billion muslims are so wrong.  Most normal people find this type of thinking to be a sickness; by whatever religious group is doing it not just Salafi's.  Neither group is representative of their religion as this webmaster sees it, but instead they are carbon copies of each other differing only by their hijacked outer labels of "Jew" or "Muslim."

Let us just look at the "muslim" record right here in Anchorage Alaska to see even more examples of the shameful degraded condition of this deen which Allaah has asked us to be the BEST in behavior, not the worst.  Estimates are that there are in Anchorage Alaska, in excess of 3-5 thousand muslims in Anchorage.  So how do we stand in comparison to the other similarly numbered religious groups in the Anchorage area -- at the very very bottom.  How many Jews in Anchorage have stood up for muslims, many many.  How many Anchorage muslims have stood up for Jews, IN ANY CAPACITY AT ALL, just microscopically shy of zero that I know of.  When local incarcerated muslims needed assistance in meeting their worship needs; after over $200 worth of long-distance phone calls all over the lower 48 to muslim organizations and Imams, who was it that finally came to their aid and returned phone calls with assistance -- Jews and Seculars; and locally Catholics and Protestants.  What local muslim organization exists to take care of the needs of Anchorage and Alaska's very large transient and seasonal Muslim labor pool -- none.  A single Catholic woman provides services to at least one of the frequent visited locations here in Anchorage.  What Muslim in Anchorage even knows what and where these locations are -- zero than I know of.  What Muslim organization takes regular care of the local Social Service needs of Anchorage Muslims -- again, none; Catholic Social Services does almost all of it.  No, not even close to all of this is paid work.  Who takes care of the all the medical language and other misc. needs of our hospitalized Muslims, transient and even many locals; which local muslim even knows what these needs are?  Almost entirely,  seculars, Jews and Christians do this.  What about our legal needs?  How many calls has this website's Islamic Information Line received from attorneys, some likely Jewish, and others who need language help for muslims they are helping either for free or at super discounted rates?  Did these kind souls ever get the help from us local muslims they were begging for so that they could do what is supposed to be our job -- none that I know of.

How about the Anchorage Police Chaplains department which has been offering for years for a volunteer islamic chaplain and this very issue has been raised multiple times at major public Islamic events -- nothing.  All over this United States Of America it is largely similar, from my information.  What great appreciation have we Muslims shown for the great outpouring of love and support that we have received from so many hundreds of thousands of good hearted Americans,  Jewish, Christian and seculars.  Why when a few muslims called for an email campaign to encourage the Taliban to release the 8 Christian Aid Workers by posting this request on multiple and major Islamic forum sites was there almost zero response nationwide.  What have we done, we are complaining and whining everywhere, and suing at the drop of a hat for millions here and millions there.  McDonalds goes out of their way in Michigan to be the first major Fast food chain to offer Halal chicken nuggets to muslims and so many other good examples of outreach by that corporation.  So what does one of our largest Muslim organizations in America do, Sound Vision?  They promote a boycott anti-Mcdonald campaign by letter and the web.  Why? Just because muslims were not included in the infamous Hindu initiated French Fry, trace amount of beef extract, lawsuit.  They wanted a take in the millions.  Hindu's are vegetarians where usually cows are sacred, so they had at least some slight reason for what most likely was an innocent over site.

I could go on and on and on -- our Deen is in one major mess of ignorance, childishness, anger and hate and just outright tyranny.  Most of the places you look our leaders are self-appointed and yet present themselves as representing all or most of their regions muslims, many of them call themselves "President," when no election has occured or would or could occur. These types of depraved behaviors now occurring in our modern times could never even have come close to producing this great and proud golden age of Islam of our great past that we peddle today as if that had something to do with what we are today.

And then just look at your complaints to us about posting anti-islamic links.  We happen to have complete faith in the liberty that G-d asks that we grant in order that people may FREELY choose this path of trying to make the DOING of G-d's will a priority in their lives as it was in Abraham's life. What is to fear from freedom of information and speech?

We publish anti-islamic links for the same reason we are publishing your complaint against us, unedited; and for the same reason we will give you the LAST word (this page's stated policy) on this issue should you choose to write it.  What is to fear from other information if you are so right besides just making it more clear.  The Qur'an reminds us that Allaah specifically intends for those who hearts are sour to find his words of mercy and kindness and justice repulsive.  A colonialist could not stand the thought that he would ever have to clean their toilet.

You expose your tyrannical desires of suppressing any views other than your own.  Besides what in this world are you so scared of, are you not secure in your own faith in this Deen?  Does not most every Imam around the world begin his Friday Sermon with that saying which is meant to remind us that oft repeated reminder in the Qur'an that Allaah guides whoever he will whose hearts seek good?  Is not our history just loaded with literally hundreds of examples of our enemies eventually finding islam starting even with our earliest enemies Abu-Sufiyan and Hind?

You Salafi's continue to do nothing but complain and whine and hate and seeth; and worse of all you do it claiming to be the ONLY genuine or authentic voice of Islam -- never telling those to whom you speak that you represent no-one but yourself.   Heh, you are in America, we are loaded with religious communal experiments.  Here, and somewhat in Europe, but nowhere else you are now totally free to show us all your great truths by actually DOING SOMETHING, ANYTHING.  Go and show us how successful your interpretation of islam can be; after-all do you not believe the Qur'an when it reminds us that Allaah promises success to ALL and ANY who are truly following his path.  If your ideas ARE that path, then your success is assured.

Otherwise, I would recommend you move to Pakistan or some such other "successful" islamic country.  I am an American Convert, though America is far from perfect, and maybe even close to the complacency which now is destroying islam; yet we remain one of the only places on this earth today where the islam of the Prophet, as I've studied it, can today be FREELY practiced.  Yes yes one can buy their own land and build a fence and even practice maybe over 80% of Shariah (within that fence), with little to no interference.  Others are doing it even as we speak, there are new religious communities forming every day, and no they are not all like Waco/Koresh type communities.  There are a several successful and totally seperate ones right here in Alaska.

We consider to be a pro-islamic website; but there are some that do not; for instance those who like to say they are "on the Salaf," or Salafi's; and others.  Once again, the evidence indicates you yourself are a Salafi as almost all Muslims ALWAYS give salaams as commanded by the Qur'an itself let alone the Hadith; and, additionally, your e-mail is anonymous.  Why are you folks always so secretive about everything, what are you so scared of?   Of course, by not giving salaams you indicate your likely assertion that the webmaster is an apostate; which more than a few Salafi's believe it is there duty to kill even more so than all the other categories of those who they are commanded to hate and/or kill.  The Prophet, even within your own interpretations, requires you to be up front.

Follow the primary advice of the Prophet and go and get some education.  All the Jews and the Christians and the Seculars of America whom you likely hate will help you financially to get this education.  Then make your own website.  We will link you from our front page  Post your own list of Palestinian victims, which it is almost entirely Jews who now do this.  Many Muslims get a majority of their anti-Israeli info directly or indirectly from
The Haaretz Daily.  That is an Israeli newspaper; is there an Islamic equivalent somewhere in some islamic country -- there used to be all over the islamic world when we had our golden age; but not now.
webmaster 13 May, 2003

Questions from "The Cobra"

With Respect To:
"The Qur'an advises its readers that for those who hearts desire kindness
and merciful justice,
then the truth is clear from error, (not always sooner but always
eventually).  That is why this form of Islam, the predominant form, has
never had anything to fear from open discussion. "

If the Qur'an has nothing to fear from an open discussion why is it
blasphemous to question Allah? Archaelogical evidence points to the Satanic
Verses. Why would Allah say there is no prophet that has not been tampered
with by Satan. Muslim denial of Satanic Verses regarding Allah and his three
daughters is outrageous.


. you are prohibited to say about God what you do not know . . . ,
. . . do not follow information unless you verify it yourself.
I gave you eyesight, hearing and brain; use them.Ē

You say we can have an open discussion on the Qu'ran yet we are prohibited
to say anyting about God. Correct me if I am wrong God is in the Qu'ran. If
you say we can discuss the Qu'ran then why not discuss God. How does one
know what is right and wrong. From a man named Mohammed? A man who fought
battles during Ramadan, a clear violation of his own teaching. Had more than
four wives-another violation.


"The Qur'an is different from all other sacred scriptures
because of its stress on reason.Ē Muhammad Asad 1980
(very famous convert from a long family line of Jewish Rabbis)

Okay it is sacred, are you happy? Now tell obviously Islam rejects Kaffers,
and secondly it rejects Jews and Christians, then why do you bring up
Muhammad Asad's history? He was Jewish, now he is Muslim, Oh Great Allah he
Asad is finally Azaad. Islam destroys a persons past by rejecting it why
bring up his life?

Oh answer me oh great deity in Alaska....

The Cobra  Rec. 16 March  1:03pm

Webmaster answers:
(The Cobra's Questions
in brown, pasted AS RECEIVED)

If the Qur'an has nothing to fear from an open discussion why is it
blasphemous to question Allah?

As the Unitarians like to say: to question IS the answer. Many "scholars", and webmasters would cite several different Ayats (or verses) of the Qur'an to try to "prove" that the Qur'an does, on the contrary, WANTS it readers to question any information about G-d they hear. Coming from a Christian background, I used to use lots of cites from the Qur'an to back up whatever I thought some correct interpretation on some subject matter to be; to prove my point so to speak. If anything is blasphemous to G-d, I now believe it is just this thing which I used to do. Myself forming some theological opinion and then cut and pasting the Qur'an, or ANY sacred scripture, and selectively of course, as if to hijack G-ds word to prove that my own sinner's opinion is correct above someone else's. Abu-Bakr, who was the first Khaliph or ruler after the Prophet always consistently refused to do this. I find the Qur'an full of verses that tell me, at least, that only G-d can explain any part of the Qur'an. Plus G-d, or Allaaha (as Jesus referred to G-d in the Aramaic language) explains these verses, as I read the Qur'an,  ONLY personally and privately through a persons heart NOT THROUGH WORDS IN A PERSON'S HEAD.  I would guess-timate no less than 40% of the worlds Muslims would agree with me on this; though probably less than 10% do not believe in citing verses of the Qur'an.

Now, what about how other Muslims would view your question.  In fact, as alleged, there are many Muslims today who both us mainstream Muslims AND Evangelicals refer to as the Jihadist Islamists, or radical Islamists. Now these extremeists are completely opposed to any open discussion, except for a few websites where THEY will have the last word and only chose weak and awkward attacks to post; weak enough that there barely literate minds can handle.

Now, being so two-faced, they would never admit the following to an investigator, but once you became a Muslim, they would hammer you relentlessly with Hadith (so-called recorded words of the Prophets) where he discourages Muslims from asking too many questions and any questions AT ALL in certain areas.

So what do I have to say about this sad fact? As the Gospel of Philip so beautifully points out, ALL religions (interpretations) are man made, this is humankind's chief problem. This is also eluded to in First Corinthians 1:10-16. As Jesus so frequently pointed out, the Religion of G-d is when "thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven . . ." or, "love G-d with your whole heart and mind before all other things (first commandment) and thy neighbor as thyself; upon these two laws hang all the laws and the prophets." I do not offer these above cites as proof for my point of view, but only to show where I very first came to this idea that the real religion of G-d is what you do not what you think. Of course while this does conform to Catholic theology it is contrary to almost all Protestant theology.

I was overjoyed when I stumbled onto what I find to be the Qur'ans solution to this obsession humans have of trying to define eternal things within the mortal limitations of our own arrogant human minds. That solution is instead of trying to one-up each other with clever theological slogans we should instead do two things as the better alternative. One, is to compete in good deeds instead. Two, if we must study and form these opinions we seem to prefer to present as, instead,  facts, we should rather study the signs and creations of G-d all around us; the sun and the heavens and the animals and the seas and the land.  From these we can learn more about G-d than idle speculations about such things that no-one can actually prove except to those who already agree.

So to ask ANY question is neither good or bad really, the asking itself somewhat harmless. But to either be so arrogant as to give answers or accept the answers of others as fact, now this, in islam, as I see it is not so good. Say not about G-d what you know not as the Qur'an likes to say here and there, again NO specific citations.

Archaeological evidence points to the Satanic
Verses. Why would Allah say there is no prophet that has not been tampered
with by Satan. Muslim denial of Satanic Verses regarding Allah and his three
daughters is outrageous?

I once researched this whole thing on the Satanic Verses, and found it to be so much fluff either pro - or con towards islam. Though it is true, these ideas ARE offensive to the vast majority of the worlds Muslims. I found the personal character of Rushdie, from both his own words and deeds and those of others on HIS side, to be so disgusting as to, for me, discount much of anything he would have to say. But other than this, I cannot really make a very credible comment on this topic. On the tampering of scripture, I would disagree with most of the worlds Muslims on this one concerning our own scripture.  I cannot intelligently state, to any NON-MUSLIM, nor can ANY HONEST MUSLIM, that our Qur'an's, WRITTEN scripture has not been altered; though if I believe anything I do believe for myself, that Allaah has protected the Qur'an as he has promised within it. I cannot make this claim to the NON-MUSLIM, because it is a fact, that empirically, there remains insufficient documentary evidence to support this claim to the non-Muslim. The oldest manuscript of the Qur'an, is in the possession of the British, not the Muslims, and is in a script both different from the two manuscripts in possession by the Muslims and from the Prophets region. Worse, almost no-one is allowed to see these "only remaining artifacts of the Word Of G-d."  Otherwise, wouldn't most Muslims want a fascimilie copy of the Tashkent Qur'an, I would.  Sad sad, dishonesty, whatever it is?  I find it so sad that Muslims insist on almost worshipping some abstract literary quality of the Qur'an, when the cold historical facts, as agreed to by even non-Muslims clearly support that the real miracle of the Qur'an was the incredible effect it had on the non-enforceable behaviors of all the first populations it touched. Even if we were to give the anti-islamic claims that Muslims always took over by force, islam or sword, that still does not explain numerous non-muslim early writings of travelers to newly "conquered" lands of the major change in the people both before and after. Even today, in prisons, through-out America, even devoutly Christian chaplains remark on the welcome changes that take place in lives of those inmates before and after studying the Qur'an; the Nation of Islam, being no small example, in spite of its alleged anti-Semitism and reverse racism.

You say we can have an open discussion on the Qur'an yet we are prohibited
to say anything about God. Correct me if I am wrong God is in the Qur'an. If
you say we can discuss the Qur'an then why not discuss God?

It is ok to discuss G-d, as long as you don't start spouting "facts" or "theologies". But it is better not to since G-d is beyond our earthly comprehension. Do women take any stock when us males have so much fun "discussing them" or us when women are discussing males. As Mark Twain was so fond of saying the big problem with man is this idea he has, that he thinks he can think. While we CAN measure the speed of light, this is science; it is a waste of time, at least at this stage of science, speculating on the why's of light. The religion of islam in a nutshell, that I converted to, says what the famous Rabbi Hillel said about so-called talkings about G-d. "Do not do to your neighbor what you would not want him to do to you, now the rest is all opinion so go and study!"

How does one
know what is right and wrong. From a man named Mohammed?

We don't, at all, except by the islamic extremeists who follow a kind of "Simon-says" islam. The Prophet broke his Ramadaan fast with dates and used rocks to wipe himself; so believe it or don't but that is exactly what these idiots are doing today, today in the 21st Century.  If islam is a universal religion where does one gets dates in the polar regions. No, reasonable people take this to mean what it obviously means: the Prophet broke his fast with a locally available sweet of personal preference and attempted to use the best available means of personal hygiene. For me, the Qur'an tell us that the truth is clear from error to all people. What ISN'T clear to ALL PEOPLE is doubtful, in islam, which is why we are supposed to have only 5 pillars.  But the nature of the arrogance of the human mind, in ALL religions is to walk by the homeless or the injured (as in the the Gospel parable of the Good Samaritan); so you can not be late for the start of some great discussion on some intangible and unprovable question about the mystical nature of G-d or some such "high" thing. The religion of kindness IS clear to ALL people from ANY tradition of theology. It is a SIN, it is wrong to walk past this person. This wrong, for most of us, again, of ANY religion becomes blasphemy when we walk by this person on our way, in a hurry to some theological discussion. But in fact, today in some Salafi circles and other forms of true-believer islamic radicalism, a popular discussion board argument is whether one should avoid helping someone in need before saying your current obligatory prayer. They say praying on time is MORE important!!!!!!!!! 

A man who fought
battles during Ramadaan, a clear violation of his own teaching. Had more than
four wives-another violation?

As I and most others read the Qur'an, the Qur'an overturned the prohibition of fighting in the FOUR holy months saying that when there is unopposed oppression than tyranny is worse than fighting in the holy months. Most muslims believe that either the prohibition of more than four wives occurred after the Prophet had already exceeded four (all at one time, remember the Prophet was monogamous for 25 years during his sexual prime while married to Khadijah, his first wife. After that he married mostly older widows etc), or that two, for legitimate reasons it did not apply to him. At any rate there ARE two facts as you state. The Prophet did at various times have more than 4 wives, at one time, AND there is no conclusive proof, acceptable to open-minded non-muslims that this command did in fact occur AFTER the fact.

Okay it is sacred, are you happy? Now tell obviously Islam rejects Kafirs,
and secondly it rejects Jews and Christians, then why do you bring up
Muhammad Asad's history? He was Jewish, now he is Muslim, Oh Great Allah he Asad is finally Azaad. Islam destroys a persons past by rejecting it why
bring up his life?

The Qur'an as I read it never rejects either Jews or Christians, but tells me that ANYONE, who is willing to believe in a Creator and longs for a just world with their actions more than their mouth has NOTHING to fear from that G-d whom the Qur'an claims prefers us to think of him as "The Most Gracious and Most Merciful", a phrase which devout muslims say upwards of 30+ times each day. The word Kafir, is often mistranslated as unbeliever when even Christian and Jewish scriptural linguists recognize it really means those who actively DISBELIEVE, or try to "cover-up" the truth or prevent its telling. Yes, it does reject these. Of course ANY REASONABLE PERSON, would say to these; if the Qur'an is so false on its face, why are YOU trying so hard to suppress it; why not let IT disprove itself if it is so obviously a fraud.

Oh answer me oh great deity in Alaska....
There is NO god but G-d, and Muhammad is the messenger of G-d (as was Noah, Moses, Jesus, and one for every nation AND TRIBE that has ever existed on this earth and the Qur'an tells me that G-d makes no distinguishment between ANY of these messengers). And, to ANY EXTENT IN THE TEENSIEST little bit that I, this webmaster, implies any of this form of arrogance, than I am guilty of the greatest of sin and may Allaah purify me in his fire before I am first to see him, insha-Allaah (means G-d willing, which by the way is a commandment that I found that Jesus gave in the Bible for ALL Christians to say whenever referring to the future). webmaster;  29 March, 2003

Never seen so much misinformation
about Islaam anywhere

I am bewildeed at the Information you have presented to Your audience whomever it may be. I must say that I have never seen so much Misinformation about Islaam Anywhere online. You may  be able to fool those who are ignorant about Islaam and the weak minded muslims who believe every drop of your venomous tongues, But Allaah is the All Knowing in All of our affairs.

How dare you say that salafis are terrorist when we are the most vocal against it, and this you can research for yourself. And you speak against abu Khaliyl like if you know what you are talking about. I have to say I think it is very amusing how you lie so easily and claim you are saying the truth?!!!!

Do You not Fear Allaah? By lying so openly without care? Who is it that you think you are fooling Allaah? Islaam is free from the wicked Ideologies that you speak of, and to prove that I will quote the leading scholars of the Salafis from Saudi Arabia whom many of the soofis of today call wahhabi and you yourself have coined their Phrase,

Here is their statements:

Imaam Ibn Baaz on Hijacking planes and kidnapping

"From that which is known to everyone who has the slightest bit of common sense is that hijacking airplanes and kidnapping children and the like are extremely great crimes, the world over. Their evil effects are far and wide, as is the great harm and inconvenience caused to the innocent; the total effect of which none can comprehend except Allaah.

Likewise, from that which is known is that these crimes are not specific to any particular country over and above another country, nor any specific group over and above another group, rather it encompasses the whole world.

There is no doubt about the effect of these crimes; so it is obligatory upon the governments and those responsible from amongst the scholars and other than them to afford these issues great concern, and to exert themselves as much as possible in ending this evil."

Shaykh Ibn Baaz
Kayfa Nu'aalij Waaqi'unaa al-Aleem - Page 108-109

Sjhaykh Ibn Jibreen On Hijacking planes and ships

"Question: There are some people who hijack a plane or a ship, and do so to apply pressure upon the country to which this plane or ship is headed. It is possible they threaten to kill the passengers, and in some cases actually kill some of them, until their demands are met. So what is the ruling about such actions, especially since such actions terrify the passengers?

Response: It is upon (every) country to provide sufficient security to prevent the likes of these rebels from taking over (planes or ships). It is upon the (respective) country to provide every airline with security (whilst on their land) which is sufficient to resist any hijack attempts by the aggressors; just as they should also co-ordinate a full (passenger) inspection prior to (their) boarding. Thus, they should not permit anyone to proceed (to board) until after they have ascertained that no-one is in possession of weapons even if it be (a piece of) metal (bar or the like). In addition to this, some gangs force the aircraft to divert to another destination, so if there are (amongst the crew or passengers) anyone with sufficient physical training to overpower them, then the rebels' plans will be destroyed.

So there is no doubt that hijacking is a mistake, ignorance and falsehood. Further, it is a transgression beyond the limits causing terror to the passengers, and threatening them with that which they have no power to carry out, and Allaah knows best."

Shaykh Ibn Jibreen
Kayfa Nu'aalij Waaqi'unaa al-Aleem - Page 113

The Words of Shaikh Ibn Uthaymeen Concerning Suicide Bombings

for the rest of this comment click here

the portion below is the closing paragraph of his commnet.

I hope that this would suffice for there is much more that I have gathered over the years. Next time before you speak about Salafis why donít you ask a salafi yourself to see what we believe instead of making up things as you go along, but by reading your website it seems to me that you are not interested in the truth of the matter, Rather you are just interested in slandering the salafis and Abu Khaliyl whom I have known for years personally.  And How Ignorant are you of him when he is from the very few who have translated books on the Methodology of the scholars mentioned above, He even translated A book refuting those muslims like Usaamah Ibn Ladin who make other muslims disbelievers and allow their blood to be shed along with the blood of the Christians and the jews.

I Ask You, Donít you feel Stupid Now?

Come Ask Me about Salafeeyah I dare You, I am a regular Muslim Student Not Arab But I Undersatand Arabic, So why donít you ask me first instead of lying ?

Why do all terrorist or those who flirt with the idea of terrorism  hate saudi Arabia and king fahd? can you answer that?

A Person Who Happened to read your Stupid claims!
Rec. 27 January  5:40pm

To my brother in islam; I would first say that the tone of your letter is a good example of the predominant tone of most of Salafism.  You quote Saudi "scholars;" including: Ibn Baaz, Ibn Jibreen and Ibn Uthaymeen.

I used to use a lot of quotes myself; but not anymore.  One can selectively cut and paste, and easily missrepresent the whole tone of the person quoted.  Saudi "scholars" are infamous for their insulation from the real world and their backwardness.  They say one thing now and then later another.  The bottom line on are they against terrorism is that they oppose it only slightly with their mouths only.  The Saudi's and the United Arab Emirates and others have all had programs of rewarding the suicide bombers of innocents with money to the bomber's families.  Show us the quotes opposing these.  Instead, the Saudi's should be compensating the families of the innocent victims in the name of islam.

Your first "scholar" quoted, Ibn Baaz, is infamous
for issuing the most incredible of fatawa's.  Here are some examples.  In 1993, the supreme religious authority of Saudi Arabia,
Sheik Abdel-Aziz ibn Baaz, issued a edict, or fatwah, declaring that the world is flat. "Anyone of the round persuasion does not believe in God and should be punished."  In fact he wrote an entire book on this subject: "Evidence that the Earth is Standing Still," Author: Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ben Baz;  Page: 23.  He is also the one who wrote the fatawa prohibiting women from driving.  And he mandates that muslims who refuse to pray be killed.  The most insulting to islam of all, is his 1990 Majmu fatawa.   This is sometimes known in America as the "al-Mughni sex and full scholarship program".  This authorizes those "charming" muslim males to find naive rich white girls in America or ones willing to work hard, and then to marry them inorder to be able to have a sex source while they attend college often paid for by the woman providing the sex.  Upon completion of Degree, they split; "wow thanks for the great sex and college costs you kafir, I have to go make family now."  The concept of the marriage is that the intent to divorce on college completion was there all along, but as long as they keep it secret and don't tell anyone that makes it ALL OK.  His fatawa is found at 4:29-30.
click here
to read this sick "Fatawa" which this webmaster believes is a blasphemy upon  the One who seems to prefer that we think of him instead, as the Most
Gracious and Most Merciful.

Why are Salaf's so secret about everything, the Prophet's way is openness honesty trust manners softness etc.  "if your heart hurts, go and keep to yourself until G-d cures you, so your manners do not insult your lord or betray your real heartfull intent."  A perfect example of this secretness is YOUR anonoymous email; extremely common from Salafi's.

Ibn Jibreen  is quoted by you on opposing suicide bombing.  But this is AFTER 9-11.  Before 9-11 it was different story.  His method of Halal, or permitted suicide bombing was quoted on Salafi sites, but has now been dishonestly removed.  This is why I am now saving all Salafi pages I quote; so there will at least be one copy on file.  Here is what this scholar had to say followed by a link that still retains the evidence of where it was quoted.  I've added emphasis.

Published on Friday 27 October 2000,  "Attacking the enemy by blowing oneself up."
Question: There are those who tie a magazine of explosives around their waist, then they enter a government or residential building or a gathering of people either kuffaar or other than them, then they blow themselves up, so what is the ruling regarding this? And is something like this act considered an aspect of jihaad, and is the one doing so considered a shaheed (martyr) or one who has committed suicide (muntahir)?

Response: No doubt on the face of it he is one who has committed suicide, whereby he has made certain he will be killing himself before anyone else.
However, this can be permissible if he is in warring kuffaar territory, and knows he will sooner or later be killed at the hands of the enemy, or will face severe torture and has not found any ploy except to blow himself up and kill others from the enemy (who subject the Muslims to torture) along with himself. In doing so, killing a number of them thereby weakening their strength/force and reducing their harm and scaring them. So this can be permissible even if it involves killing the person himself, if he knows he will certainly be killed, or persecuted and wishes to rid himself of their harm and attain ease for himself, and his matter is with Allaah the

Shaykh Ibn Jibreen
Kayfa Nu'aalij Waaqi'unaa al-Aleem - Page 117
see it here

Your Saudi "scholar," Ibn Uthaymeen, recently issued a fatawa: "Is it correct that women comprise the majority of the people in hell.?  This is correct."  2:854-855

Allaah has given us disputing Muslims the best advice to promote what the Qur'an says is the real religion of our Creator.  This advice applies to our competeing brothers of Abraham as well:  "Compete in good deeds instead."

In this is the answer to which version of islam is the ONLY one that is true? The Qur'an promises in crystal clear verses success to ANY who are truely following the Path of Allaah.  Therefore, in America or Europe, is the ONLY place on earth today where you Salafi's have the complete freedom to show us all the great potential of your version of islam. 
There is NOTHING stopping you from forming a living and breathing islamic ummaah; their are multiples of religious communities in America and Europe where people get together and "follow their own rules."  Your women can wear face veils, and/or Burqras, you can make each other loans without interest; pray 5 times a day and even have call to prayer in many though not all places.  You can not drink alcohol and not eat pork and on and on.  You can put up a wall around your community and restrict entrance.  The limits for what you cannot do are very few and not sufficient to prevent you from showing us sufficient success to prove your point.

In this light, the real Jihaad for the 21st Century is economic armies not fighting armies. 
In a free market, there is NO WAY, that original "economic" islam could NOT take over the world in short time nor would few really mind.  Ask yourself, how could any business run with top manners, hard work, top quality, strict honesty while avoiding excess profit and therefore having the cheepest price, not take over whatever market it is in.  There have already been many examples.  So I would advise to get educated, as the Prophet commanded, and go start an islamic used car lot, or an islamic pawn shop -- imagine that now.  Actually, there is already a golden opportunity.  All over America are Muslim taxi drivers who refuse to go and get educated; how come they don't stand out from all the rest.  How about Green Cabs.  Crispy clean very well mannered and safe drivers, absolutely honest, who charge less.  The taxi business, has such a slobby, shady reputation, that even if you didn't charge less you'd still win.  As the saying goes, which began with islam, "actions speak louder than words."  Go now and show us your best stuff, or at least start with some good deeds.
webmaster, 3 February 2003


Assalamu Alaikum. I am a muslim. I pray for peace everyday. I also pray for all humankind to recieve guidance from Allah (God), as I have recieved. I extend my arms of love to embrace all of humanity. Please do not stereotype anyone. Muslims are not all....Christians are not all....... Jews are not all......... Please do not condtradict yourself, as you seem to have many good neighbors up there in Alaska.   Sister Dina A.  Rec. 01 October  10:04pm

Jewish Children Website

Salam Alaikum, I saw your website "The Shame Of Muslims."  As a Muslim sister, it makes me sad to see your site.  It is sad that innocent children are
being killed of all religions.  However, if there should be any
childrens names "honored" on your website, it should be the names of
innocent Muslim children who are killed everyday by Isreali
soldiers "in the name of God"  or is it the almighty dollar and land. 
Astaghfirallah brother.
Salam,   K. (first letter of common Muslim name) Rec. 23 August  7:28pm


Psalms 37:10,11 says:
     10 For yet a little while, and the
     wicked shall not be;yea,thou shalt
     diligently consider his place, and
     it shall not be
     11 But the meek shall inherit the
     earth;and shall delight themselves
     in the abundance of peace.
Authorized (King James) Version.    Jose G.  Rec. 8 June  4:46pm

Who declared the supremacy of Islam?

Please can you tell me where I can find a book that chronicles when the supremacy of Islam over all other faiths and philosophies was first declared - and by whom?  Michael M.  6 June  12:19am

Thank-you for your question.
Islam in point of fact is NOT really a religion or a philosophy, in the western sense. There is no belief in Islam that will "save you" as in Christianity for example; not even a belief in Muhammed or the Qur'an. To gain entrance into Mecca, for centuries, has only required that you state with your lips: "There is no G-d but G-d and Muhammed is [one of] the messenger's of G-d."  Qur'an accepts all the Jewish prophets as well as, the born of a virgin Prophet, Jesus.  The Qur'an states further that the Creator has sent a messenger to every nation AND tribe on this earth and " . . ."We make no distinctions between these messengers."  Islam, like any other major world religion, shares in its history the plague of people like Osama Bin Lauden or the Crusader and Inquisitional Popes and etc.

You cannot easily locate the information you requested because while it does exist here and there; few educated Muslims would pay any attention to such a ridiculous statement. 
Simply put there is nothing even close to a slightly well or widely accepted statement to this effect.  I always joke with people that Islam is by far and away the largest "disorganized" religion in all of world history.  So in fact, there are only the fewest of ANY statements by one individual that are widely accepted by muslims. Even a half-thorough look at Islam, will yield the dilemma that since their is no hierarchy in Islam, no clergy, nothing even close to a pope, nothing, zero that is universally official, then how could there be any "declarations" other than those of an insignificant few.   There are though, those too many who try -- but in Islam they have had only limited short term successes.

Often many a Jew would quote Rabbi Hillel's famous reply to the legalististic student who one day challenged him for how could he summarize the Torah while standing on one foot.  The rabbi replied tersely:  "Do not do to your neighbor what you would not want done to you; now the rest is all opinion so go and study."  Islam not only follows this course but specifically legalizes this principle, slightly expanded. 
Islam has only 5 laws or pillars; the rest is all opinion,  as stated very clearly in the Qur'an.  What is not specifically prohibited is "permitted."  They are:  1. the effort to make the Creator of all creations as the only point around which your life will revolve; "Allaahu Ackbar," (God is the most important or greatest goal), 2.  an honest effort to say the 5 DAILY prayers,  3.  paying the annual Zakat, or communal poor tax (often miss-stated as charity, which is not obligatory in Islam as this is one of G-ds rulers for measuring our desire for charity which obviously would not work were it mandatory; however, the prohibition of excess charity IS mentioned.), 4.  fasting from food, water, sex, bad thoughts and deeds (extreme effort on these last two) from first light to sunset during the annual Ramadan lunar cycle of 28 to 30 days, and 5. making the pilgrimage to Makkah (Mecca) if you are financially able.  Nothing about supremacy in these five.  Anywhere on this globe you will often hear in the Friday Khutba (sermon) the famous story of the man who challenged the Prophet about this very thing: "then I will not do ONE thing more."  "So, go and do it then, and if you succeed, you're in" (modernly paraphrased by web master from memory.), the Prophet replied.

However, there is a verse in the Qur'an which says there is no religion acceptable to Allaah other than Islam
(which means submission, or desiring to do the will of G-d). And naturally, this is just that verse used by our fundamentalists, most of whom today are either close to functionally illiterate or are suffering from ego's which have completely separated them from their hearts. But a very comfortable majority of our planets 1.2+ billion muslims don't think of this verse that way; especially with the multiple times number of verses that say just the opposite; about so-called "religions" anyway.  Actually it was just this type of exclusivie thinking, so distasteful to the famous Muhammed Asad, that led to his conversion to Islam.  He was a son from over 6 generations of Jewish scholar rabbi's who quickly became one of the more accepted translators of the Qur'an.  Your question is a fairly common one from people educated in or by the West, where religion is almost exculsively thought of, as you said, as: "faith and philosophy."  The vast majority of books about religion, available in English for instance, describe the differences between religions almost exclusively with nouns: is this, is that; believes this, believes that. Because Islam does not really fit into any of these normal methods of categorizing religions is only just one reason why it is so often misunderstood.

Islam is NOT a faith or a philosophy.
But Islam CAN very slowly evolve over time into a faith, and probably more than 75% of muslims anywhere on this earth long for this to occur, they pray for this to occur; it is a very common personal prayer frequently said either before or after the five required ritual prayers. They pray to the Creator various forms of: " help me to remain a muslim and to BECOME a  MUMIN (a believer) before I die." Yet what microscopic percentage of "scholars" seem to realize this most significant of facts. Only the smallest numbers of these same muslims would ever answer they were a Mumin, yet,  if you asked them.

The English language overwhelmingly revolves around nouns, we even create many of our verbs from nouns. Take the word "is" away from the English language and our language will become almost helpless.
Islam is a verb, not a noun; Arabic contains no "is,"  Allaah has no gender. More than that, the infinitive verb, Islam, is part of a special class of verbs; it is a progressively evolving skill verb,  a process or fluid verb, which is why the main nickname for Islam is the Path.  Both Judaism and Islam share the Semetic languages. These languages are almost entirely verb based. Here it is the nouns which are derived from the verbs. Take for instance the first descriptive name for G-d in the Qur'an. "All praise to Allaah, Rabb of all creations."  Rabb is often translated as Perfector of the creations or Evolutioner. 

Islam merely says that the Path or process by which to achieve peace can ONLY occur when the skills of Graciousness and Mercy (implies justice) are approached in the same manner as any Olympic hopeful would approach their skill; one has to put learning and perfecting these skills first before anything else, it has to be that around which one's life will revolve if one wants even a chance at success. 
Wantings or mere beliefs in one's superiorities are meaningless, illusions real only in the person's own mind.  One must practice, practice and practice, period, no other way; ask any Olympic coach.  This is why Islam revolves around prayer, 5 of them every day, very few exceptions; practice, practice, practice;  the prayer merely asks for G-d's guidance.  This is why from towers all over the world, the Islamic church "bell":  the muezzin (chanter), sings out in each call to prayer:  "come to prayer, come to success."  In Islam one is forbidden to give excess charity, one is commanded to enjoy life, but life must enjoy that person also.  There is no day of rest, in Islam.  On Fridays one pursues their daily work to provide for their family's lives, takes a short break for communal prayers -- then goes straight back to work.

In Genesis, the Creator warns us first thing about the dangers of so-called religion.  Adam and Eve are told of the two categories of fruits from which to eat.  The tree of the fruits of life, pursuing that which bears more life, will preserve and multiply life, but pursuing the fruits of judgements about, or the seeking of: 
"the Knowledge of Good and Evil" will only lead to deaths, millions and millions of them --  as history has so well shown.   The Qur'an makes it very clear that any who truly desire a just and gracious world and strive towards that end, will have NOTHING to fear on that day when these now voluntary to learn skills become no longer optional but mandatory.  This will be on that day when all those who prefer exploitation, prefer exclusiveness, superiority, intentionally hurting others and etc, when ALL these are permanently separated from their opposites to: "go now and inhabit a world of only your own kind."
webmaster  8 June  1:30am

Keep your terrorist buddys out of Alaska
islam sucks!

hey *raghead f*** you! your web site sucks camel c***s! as well as you do! you pissed me off trying to portray us soldiers as women and child killers in afghanistan.  f*** you you f***ing taliban   al -queda sympathyzer.if you want to practice islam f***in go to another country! like saudi arabia! or some other
raghead country . keep your terrorist buddys out of Alaska and out of America,islam sucks ass! as well as those f***ing ragheads who follow it!
Orian D.  rec  30 May 9:26pm

Wondering if you would be
interested in posting. . ., a review of
"The Question of Palestine" by Edward Said ?

Some months back I sent you a letter of support, (see
"Bombing Response" below) following the attacks last fall.  I see you have quite the site going, and am wondering if you would be interested in posting something there.  I wrote a review of "The Question of Palestine" by Edward Said for a local publication, to be published early next month.  The book is about to be reissued in an updated version.  If you would like to post my review, or read it first and decide, let me know.  I found myself in agreement with most of what Mr. Said has to say.  My one request would be that you post it in full, roughly 900 words.  It would be a case of an Alaskan non-Muslim commenting on Middle Eastern events.


David J.  rec  14 May  11:16am

Absolutely; this is what we set up the rebuttal section for. I do zero censorship other than astericks to replace the middle letters of normally accepted very offensive words but not medium or less. If you like you could ask me to make a comment (my rules on this are that the person commenting has the LAST word period in case you needed to comment on my comment).  Or, probably better, since this web master's position is for zero states in our Creators chosen place for a Holy Land; you may wish for your article to rebut this position as stated in our page Who Will Make The Holy Land Holy. Actually my position has "deteriorated" even more since I wrote that article -- I am proud to say.

I wrote that those of us Kin of Abraham who truly desire the Creators desire that we humans establish a stateless owner less ("the land is mine sayeth the Lord") Holy Land wherein shall be a place of prayer for ALL nations, a land where holiness is practiced, where men know war no more and etc, as is clearly spelled out in ALL THREE scriptures; those of us who truly desire this will have no problem at all with which ever one of us three becomes the first to become the most followable and most trustable by the other two of us. There are more than a couple places in the Qur'an where Muslims are told to serve or align themselves with who ever else is striving for justice when we are not (for whatever reason). When the Qur'an says that there is no religion acceptable to the Creator other than Islam, many Muslims even today and many more in our earlier nascent days saw that verse as meaning the WAY of the Creator NOT earthly creeds (see 1 Corinthians 1:10-31) . In more than several places, for many of us, the Qur'an clearly states how it is that our Creator divides people one from the other. It is humans who divide themselves one from another by their various invented creeds; NOT G-D, The Father, Allaah, or whatever name we use for our Creator.

For centuries now our community has been divided over the crystal clear pro-Jewish verses in the Qur'an (yes there are the very negative too); two of which are quoted in the Holy Land article.  In 17:104, by the majority of interpretations, Qur'an also acknowledges the relationship of the Jews to the Promised Land.  But many excuse this by saying that was then before those guys screwed up -- it sure as hell doesn't mean now or especially later. But the second half of that verse has been even more troubling. Yusuf Ali has it ". . . but when the second of warnings came to pass, We gathered you together in a mingled crowd" My favorite which I can't recall off hand, who the translator was, has this "we gathered you together from a motley crowd." So the commentators and especially those exclusivist oriented creed creators have had great fun with this part. Their only argument is between two choices: will Allaah gather these guys together for the fire before or not unitl the judgement day. As a long time cynic of these kinds of scholars, in all three creeds, I have always been amazed by their blindness. This is especially true in Islam, since the Hadith records of the words of the Prophet make it clear that on the last day the Jews will be the first up and about after the mass "faint"; and even so much before Muhammad that the Prophet stated he wasn't sure if Moses was even ever down in the first place.

So, before these very recent events I myself have always wondered about this. But recent events for me make it very clear (as in most likely, NOT most certain); the "Jews" will be gathered together from amongst this motley (including those "other" "Jews" and/or Zionists) crowd in the last days BEFORE the tribulations begin -- to take their rightful and promised place as the Lights of God, his anointed, successfully shepherding the true will of our Creator for His Holy Land.   For me what is happening is the most of beautiful, too bad the media is so suppressing it.  But all over this earth these Jews are out in strong force and sacrificing their freedom (over 50 now sit in Israeli jails with 2000 signed supporters, at last count) and their lives and their reputations to advocate for the REAL HOLY LAND.  And Muslims like myself, more than you might guess, are happy to be willing to let them take the lead and especially to even help them.   These arising "Lights Of G-d"  are not only Jews, but  includes many Christians and trace amounts of Muslims as well.  Israel's greatest recent nightmare was the exploding numbers of International Solidarity members who showed up to be HUMAN shields for Palestinians.

So, proportionate to population the real Jews are as we speak, way out numbering us other two in defense of G-D's will for the HOLY LAND;  well and beautifully earning their promise to the Holy Land. This desire that our Creator expressed fairly clear throughout the Qur'an, His longing that his Chosen People would eventually some day come home to fullfilling their promise, the basis of this mutual EXCLUSIVE covenant;  this longing of G-D is beautifully expressed to me anyway.  And today it is happening, and of course we also know it can't stick; for reasons beyond the control of those who have become Allaah's Chosen of the last days; these strugglers for justice, for peace, for prayer, for a holiness worthy of a god who ALL THREE consider the MOST GRACIOUS.

So a Jew is really anyone who is being a light of G-D on this earth; as Mother Theresa was most likely. But especially of those who already call themselves Jews.  And the Son's of the Father are any of those who are sacrificing for mercy, for justice etc though they may not be doing so successfully or in a way that anyone but The Father can see.  And the Muslims are ANY who desire to do the will of Allaah regardless of their in abilities.  It is well predicted in Islam by the VAST majority of scholars that in the last days the Muhammadans (so called by me because they are loving their "religion" more than Allaah and his creatures, we call it Shirk) will be in a worse state than even the other two, and that those true Muslims will be proportionately as tiny as Jesus predicted "many will be called but few will be chosen."  But for the record Islam does have History, and in History over-all by far and away, up until recently, it is the Muslims who have the record for keeping the Holy Land the most holy, who have been that creed that in history has been most welcoming of the other two and most followed by the other two (i.e Maiminodies, for example).

So how will our Creator separate the wheat from the chaff in the last days?  In the Qur'an we are told that it will not be Allaah that condemns anyone, but that in the end we will separate ourselves towards that direction we most truly desire: power/fire vs justice/peace and domination/wailing vs liberty/happiness.  And so we see it is G-D's, The Father's, Allaah's Holy Land that will of itself be that by which we divide ourselves one from another over our inclinations toward liberty and justice and mercy and kindness -- Holiness itself.
webmaster  17 June  2pm.

We need to Work towards
a better understanding
as people of the earth

I am a partial American Japanese, whose families made their home in Alaska.  I remember stories of the Japanese being taunted and ridiculed for who they were: Japanese descendents from Japan.   When  W.W. II came, my families were gathered up like herds of cattle and shipped to camps down in the lower 48.

Ethnic aborigines of Alaska, who even looked like Japanese were treated poorly and unfairly.  My background is Native Alaskan from S.E. Alaska, a Tlingit Indian whose mother is part Japanese.  Native Alaskans were treated badly even before as well as after W.W. II.   I sympathize for peoples of Islam who made their home in Alaska inorder to have the same freedom we all want for our own families.  It is only the extremist Muslims who have given all the others a bad name.

I pray for us, who will never lift a finger against another human being, or be influenced by hatred that only causes heart-break for us all.  I pray that we become stronger in this time of turmoil through God's love and understanding.  That we be the best human beings ever...compared to people who only want to hurt things, make life unbearable.  I pray to protect our human rights, our God-given rights to live and breathe and respect each other's cultures and beliefs.  I believe this was the intentions of Christ who taught "Love One Another."   So,  to live in the teachings and beliefs of my cultural heritages, we need to work towards a better understanding as human beings, and live in accordance with our teachings on a daily basis.

Hatred, misunderstanding and prejudice does not belong here.  We need to work together whether we are American, Japanese, Tlingit, Black, White...  I believe we all have a common bond that goes beyond politics, beyond money...  called:   Love Thy Neighbor and treat each others as the way you want to be treated. 
In God's love. Unsigned   rec 1/12  12:36am

Honest Question
if Islam is Gods chosen religion...why doesn't he answer their prayers for peace and prosperity??
Honest Question.
G. H.   rec  11/3   8:11pm

Dear G.  Thank you for the excellent question.  First Islam is not God's chosen religious belief nor are Muslims granted exclusive rights to heaven.  Secondly, Muslims seldom pray for peace and even way more rarely for prosperity.  Allow me to explain.

Normally your exact question is very often offered as a facetious rhetorical type question.  Good Muslims do not respond since we are encouraged not to debate or argue.  But as an honest question it is among the best because it so clearly demonstrates the extreme difference between how Muslims see themselves from how Westerner's see them.  By the way, the exact problem only worse occurs in the Muslim world where the kinds of thoughts that Muslims have about Westerner's, especially Americans is even more inaccurate.

Again, Islam is not God's chosen religious belief nor are Muslims granted exclusive rights to heaven or even priority before others as many Christians believe themselves to be.  Instead Islam is the style or the way ANY religious belief in the Creator is practiced. The word Islam is a verb, not a noun. God wishes all humankind to struggle as hard as possible to put the active love (not feeelings) for God and our fellow humans as first priorities around which our lives revolve.  As Jesus said in Mathew 22:40, "on these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets" (muslims believe in Jesus as the word and spirit of God born of a Virgin who will come again as a Messiah).   Many Christians and Jews and others will precede large numbers of surprised Muslims into paradise, much as Jesus predicted that the prostitutes would precede many of the preachers (this is not meant to equate preachers as like prostitutes).

Again, Muslims seldom pray for peace and even way more rarely for prosperity.  Part of this is because most Muslims believe that peace results only from justice, in the long run; or that inner peace is an evolutionary process over time and accomplished only in stages.  This is why the nickname for Islam is the Path (or process), and why instead what Muslims pray for 17 times each day in five sessions is only for guidance "guide us along the right path".  I'm trying to write this answer in a way that you can quit whereever you like, so I've given you a capsule and now I will expand on the above.

While it is true that fundamentalists Muslims and poor intentioned "scholars" often quote a particular verse that poorly translated seems to say that the only religious "belief" acceptable to God is Islam -- educated muslims and honest scholars know this is not really what it means at all.  Again, the word Islam is a verb, a process and NOT a noun. Belief, by itself, in either one God, Muhammed or Qur'an will only by the smallest minority of Muslim opinion,  guarantee or even help speed your entrance to paradise. Finally on this point, only the fewest of non-Muslims realize something very important to ALL Muslims.  No Muslim wants to remain a Muslim any longer than neccessary.  Instead they wish they could hurry up to the next stage to become Mumens (believers).  Arab is a verb based language.  Nouns arise from verbs.  This is also probably why most of the Qur'an was not revealed until AFTER a rock solid living example of Qur'anic community had already been well established.  It took a full 23 years before all of the Qur'an had been revealed through Muhammed, once again, in stages.  In Islam then, it is the same, belief or doctrine must only explain real life behavior that already exists, although it may exist in others; ". . .say not you are believers as belief has not yet entered your hearts 49:14."  That's right, in the process of Islam the Muslim is like the diaper stage.  It's where you start.  You start with your lips, with your statement.  Paraphrased for meaning this statement is more understandable like this:  " I believe that there should be nothing else more important in my life OTHER than God (Allaahu Ackbar), and that I should try to make God to become the ONLY first priority around which my life will revolve, and the best example of BEHAVIOR to follow is Muhammed who was the slave and messenger of God (who was given to restore this original message back again, once more upon this earth)"

There is one thing that the Creator did have in mind for all humans which can be found in the opening section of any Bible, Genesis.  God made all things and called them good.  He created a food that would always bring life and one that would bring death, the knowledge (religion) of good and evil.  At least 30 times each day Muslims call God the Most Gracious and Most Merciful.  The first theological argument occuring among the first Muslims, during the Prophet's life and revelation periods of the Qur'an was about the Southern Arabs preference for calling God ar-Rahmaan instead of Allaah, or the Most Gracious instead of God.  So the verse was revealed to please not get uptight about what name one calls the Creator.

The Qur'an often attracts agnostics and atheists who might not otherwise have an interest in any religion, because as the famous convert from the long line of Jewish Rabbi's, Mohammed Asad, discovered, it is a document reething in warnings against religious beliefs and those who create them "say not about God what you do not know", "they will put out my light with their mouths".  Or, as Muhammed was fond of saying the only way to learn about God is by studying instead his creations, while pursuing idle speculations about that which we can never, while here, understand, leads only to evils.  If one thinks about the Lords Prayer as a Scientific Law instead; this is how to understand Islam:  the kingdom of Graciousness and Mercy (a style of justice) cannot come to humans until the will of Graciousness and Mercy is done on Earth AS, that is AS it is done in heaven, and forgiveness is requested only in that identical manner AS, AS we forgive others etc.

How to get there is what the "religion" of Islam is about. This how is really a science with which almost no one disagrees: whatever it is that you put first in your life, around which your life revolves (a circle can have ONLY ONE center), is at that at which you are most likely to succeed.  Those who desire peace can acquire this slowly only by this same scientific, my first priority method,  by which all Olympic Gold Medals are won.  As the Qur'an points out, those of any religion who desire a world of Graciousness and Mercy and struggle hard to bring it about, (the kingdom of heaven to the earth) will have nothing to fear on that last day after which the Creator will no longer tolerate Graciousness and Mercy as merely voluntary and optional   behaviors.

This is why Muslims are called to each of the five daily prayers, or spiritual exercise drills or calesthentics, with a chant that reminds them: in order to Make Graciousness and Mercy the Greatest Things In Your Life Then Come To Prayer so you will in time Come To the Best Success one can desire. 

I hope I may have answered your question, I agree up front that this is a lot of theory.  I also agree that by outside appearances this methodology  of peace does not, at least these days,  appear successful.  If you would like some more concrete answers to specific non general questions just let me know what those, or any other questions are.  Once again thank-you for your interests.  webmaster  11/4;  2:47am 

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