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Islam In Alaska
"We could have made only one belief, but for each peoples we have appointed different laws and rites, so instead; compete in good works and argue kindly;  for there is no compulsion in religion."  Qur'an 2:256, 5:48, 22:37, 29:46
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The memorial page listing the names of Jewish children murdered in the name of Allaah ran as the entrance or start page from July 2 until September 26, the time period needed to honor each name individually.  That list will now remain a permanent part of the Islam In Alaska website.
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What Went Wrong With Islam?
And the incredible similarities between early Islam and early America

A selection from the Editor and Co-writer of Little House On The Prairie
          Rose Wilder Lane,  daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder
Submission To The Will Of Our Creator,
as described  from the thoughts of  others
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"By this vow of obedience I give to God something he cannot take from me without my consent:
my will,  of which I have full control."   
Mother Teresa  (added 28 April)

The more the two sides try and call attention to their
religious differences by slaughtering each other, the less there is to distinguish them from one another. They worship at the same altar. They're both apostles of the same murderous god, whoever he is.    Arundhati Roy  (current Hindu human rights activist, added 3 May)

"A human being is part of a whole, called by us the "Universe," a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest - a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by
widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."  Albert Einstein added 7 May

When a married woman covers her hair, it creates an aura, a presence that distinguishes her from an unmarried woman. A married woman has to have that additional aura because in Torah, modesty is commensurate with holiness. Wherever there is more holiness, there is more modesty and concealment.
By keeping our energy inward, we preserve and protect intimacy and sensuality. Sensuality, when it is opened up to the outside, dissipates. With your husband you have to be even more modest to preserve the measure of sensuality that you have: sensuality is not shareable.
The deeper a person, the more there is to enjoy, the more they have to give. Sensuality is what you are. If itís exposed, youíre giving it away. The more internal you keep your sensuality, the more intense it is and the more others enjoy it. 
Rabbi Manis Friedman,  Baal Tshuvah Movement,   (added 5 June)

"In the quest for justice, in the promotion of peace, in your commintment to brotherhood and solidarity, let no one surpass you. "  Pope John Paul II  (added 29 July)

"Take from all industrial nations and all their energy distributing networks and leave them all their ideaologies, all their political leaders . . . and I can tell you that within six months two billion people will die of starvation. . .   However, if we leave the industrial machinery and their energy ditribution networks and leave them all the people who have routine jobs . . ., and take away . . ., all their ideaologies and all the politicians . . ., people would keep right on eating.  Possibly getting on a little better than before.  . . .  This whole realization that mankind can and may be comprehensively successful is startling. "  r. buckminister fuller (his no caps spelling, added 6 August)

Thus we see that no man is without a sense of compassion, or a sense of shame, or a sense of courtesy,
or a sense of right and wrong.  The sense of compassion is the beginning of humanity,
the sense of shame is the beginning of righteousness and the sense of courtesy is the beginning of decorum; the sense of right and wrong, the beginning of wisdom.  Every man has within himself these four beginnings, just as he has four limbs.
Since everyone has these four beginnings within him, the man who considers himself incapable of exercising them is destroying himself."  
Mencius (ancient 4th century BC Chinese sage, added 16 August)

The Amish "3-R's".  I onced lived across the road from the Amish in remote southern Indiana farm country.  One day, over pie and coffee, after returning their strayed milk cow, we got to discussing why the Amish don't educate their children past the 8th grade.  "You folks think we neglect our youth because we don't pursue a higher education for them past the 8th grade.  But we feel that this is our most crucial time period for teaching what we feel is an even higher education than your "higher" education.  We admit your higher education is the better advantage for this world, but we feel to educate the heart is more important than educating the head.  Yes the head determines one's advantages in this world, but in the higher world, the next world, the eternal world it is the heart that determines one's advantages.  So you have your 3-R's and those are good.  But we Amish have our 3-R's also: Responcibility, Reliability and Respect.  These are the the 3-R's that build and maintain the Kingdom of Heaven on earth or in Heaven; without which either kindness or mercy cannot but only briefly last.  We plant these as seeds when our kids are tiny and then when they reach those crucial young adult years just before baptism and marriage,  we begin an intensive cultivation process of those 3-R seedlings so they will put down deep sturdy roots.  This makes both this life AND the next so much easier; let alone marriage."
Amish 3-R's  Webmasters note:  According to Donald Kraybill, in his book "Old Order Amish";  Amish life and religion  revolves around a doctrine they call "Gelassenheit", which roughly translated means Submission.   Hutterite author, Paul S. Gross, in his book, "The Hutterite Way," writes:  "If freedom, peace and social justice are the goals to be reached, a unity of spirit based upon full surrender of the individual is neceessary."  This webmaster considers both the Amish and their brothers and sisters, the Hutterites to be todays longest continously burning lights of G-d.  Until we Muslims succeed in winning our just begun reformation, then it IS these people who demonstrate the only example today, on Earth, of a civilization ruled by Submission, the meaning of the word Islam.  Their civilization is going on 500 years old now -- non-stop.
May the peace and blessings of Allaah be with them all.  
Amish 3-R's (added 21 August)

Shake off all the fears of servile prejudices, under which weak minds are servilely crouched. Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call on her tribunal for every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the
existence of a God; because, if there be one, He must more approve of the homage of reason
than that of blindfolded fear."
Thomas Jefferson (added 17 September)

Religious fundamentalism leads both sides to abuse what belongs to all religions, taking the notion of "God" hostage in accordance with their own fanatical understanding.  Gunter Grass,  Germany  (added 10 April)

What we drive, what we buy, the entertainment we choose, the way we use electricity and water --all of these things matter. Our little decisions work for or against our dream of a fair world that spins along with nature in balance and with people living well in their local economies.
Poverty happens, war happens, imperialism happens, when all the little bad decisions of a nation's people accumulate and find political expression.  . . .Aren't we privileged to live in a time when everything is at stake, and when our efforts make a difference in the eternal contest between the forces of light and shadow, between togetherness and division? Between justice and exploitation? Oh, be joyful that you are a warrior in this great time!  . . .Be peace itself at war with war itself. 
Granny D.  (added 18 July, 2003) 
Webmaster's note on Granny D: She was 90 years old, when just a few years ago, she decided to walk from coast to coast for campaign finance reform.  Her new found fans put together a now polular book called: "Granny D: Walking Across America in My Ninetieth Year"
Take A Tour Of The Violent Hateful Web World Of Salafi/Wahabism
A visit in their own words.  Take a tour of Salafi/Wahabi links (or saved versions, later pulled) to see for yourself the true side of this hijacking of Islam.  As these links are gradually posted, see for yourself what the media's and talk shows are refusing to tell you, so they can instead make it look like what SALAFI'S advocate is on behalf of ALL Muslims; instead of the tiny but dangerous minority it is .  You'll see for yourself how sucide bombing is "justified", even of women and children, how and why one should raise sons to desire EARLY matrydom, why this tiny group should hate so large a portion of our 6 billion+ people.  Why it is even more important to kill the "bad" Muslim (most of us).   Latest links added July 17
Visit Salafi/Wahabi hate sites here
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31 May.
"Wha-wha-WHAT??!!!  ("I found your answer [to previous why publish names of Jewish victims?]  to be out-of-line, hateful, and a terrific representation of what Islam is not. . . . many of your posts, . . .are just appalling."."
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Who Will Make The Holy Land Holy?
The Answer The Rest Of The World Is Impatiently Waiting For!!

Alaskan Solidarity In The Holy Land
Alaskan Human Shields Reporting Directly From The Holy Land    Latest Report: July 21, 2003

New question/comment ,, May 17, on the Holy Land on the comment page
The Call For An "Islamic Union,"  by Harun Yahya
In the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks, however, a dire problem emerged. Certain circles that claim to speak on behalf of Islam, but clearly lack the understanding of the essence of it, work to wreak suffering on humanity rather than striving for its benefit. In attacking and killing innocent people, they committed the vilest sin forbidden by Islam-in other words, they brought chaos to the world. Their violent methods and aggressive messages seething with anger are wholly at odds with Islam. And at the same time, these circles are putting the world's one-billion-plus Muslims into a very difficult spot.   click here

Question One; who are the real desecrater's of the Qur'an?

Group one, two or three?
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Alaska Humanity News: Dishonest?
For their August 2005 edition, Alaska Humanity News, a new local free monthly, chose to do an article about islam in Anchorage which they headlined "Alaska Muslims Avoid Conflict". Two of the three muslims interviewed, including the webmaster, complained of their problems with other muslims sympathetic to fundamentialist thinking.

The article completely failed to mention Anchorage's newly added Salafi Mosque, ar-Rashid.
Salafi/Wahabism is the theology followed by Osama bin-Laden.

Was this article agenda driven, it's content pre-determined even before the interviews?
Were the leads offered never honestly pursued?
Were the muslims interviewed intentionally misquoted? 

Click here to read the whole story

To listen to a 60 second 56k modem version, to actually hear how an actual typical agenda driven dishonest interview really works;     
click here.

To listen to the full 6 minute audio portion from the longer telephone call by Robert Howk to verify accuracy, and the multiple lies and out of context spins;      click here.